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It's all a dream, isn't it?

Holding A Good Thought

Cloud/Aerith is Tragic Love>

Marilyn Monroe was more than what appeared love

Pandas are love

House, M.D. is Love

I'm Not Okay is Nerd Anthem Love
by unsafetypin

Care-bears are love

made by __iiicons

Fairytales are true love...

Pink, it's the color of Passion.

“As a reporter I seek answers to the questions that haunt me. But the stories, the real stories, you won’t find printed in any newspaper. Stories of strange deaths, endless suffering, horrors we can only pretend to explain. These are the stories I live to write. Driven by the fate that one day, people will read them and understand. Haunted by the fear that the answers I seek lie not in the darkness without, but the darkness within.” -Carl Kolchak

I love you so much Crystal... Rest in peace darling... You will always be in my heart....

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